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Our Services

Empower yourself and your community with life-saving skills through our comprehensive first aid training services. At IMMEDAID, we are dedicated to equipping individuals and organizations with the knowledge and confidence needed to respond effectively in emergencies. Our certified and experienced trainers offer customized training programs designed to cater to a diverse range of audiences, including businesses, schools, community groups, and individuals.

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Corporate Training

Ensure employee safety by providing tailored first aid training, CPR, and AED instruction. Certified trainers, customized content, practical sessions, and ongoing refreshers create a secure workplace. Integration with emergency plans and proper equipment boosts preparedness.


Educational Training

Equip educational institutions with vital first aid skills. Certified trainers offer tailored training including CPR, basic first aid, and emergency response. Prepare staff and students to handle medical situations confidently, fostering a safer learning environment.


Manufaturing unit/Factories/Warehouses

Industrial Training

Enhance workplace safety with specialized first aid training. Certified trainers deliver customized programs, covering industrial risks, CPR, injury response, and more. Empower employees to handle emergencies effectively, promoting a secure work environment

On field/ Outdoor/Indoor

Sports Training

Boost on-field safety through targeted first aid training. Certified trainers provide sports-specific instruction, covering injuries, CPR, and rapid response. Equip coaches and staff to confidently manage emergencies, ensuring athletes' well-being during games and practices.

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